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Cosima von Bonin (Edition Fieber)

Bonin, Cosima von & Justus Köhncke & Doctorella

88,00 € incl. 19 % tax + shipping costs

Type: 2 x Vinyl

Genre: Pop

Year: 2011

Format: 7"

Label: Edition Fieber


"You can’t really fully understand the work of Cosima von Bonin without looking at her collaboration with other artists. Even when invited to produce a solo exhibition, von Bonin rarely shows up without the input of her friends, either through music, lyrical fragments, fashion accessories, cameo performances, or, and, or… And let’s be clear, the musicians get the von Bonins thing. Back in 1995 for the “1. Grazer Fächerfest” show, the Cologne art gang von Bonins brought along was so numerous that The Sixpack, the gallery’s nearest late-night drinking den, had to pretty much shut down to recover afterwards. No stranger to a musical collaboration, the opening of von Bonin’s latest Cologne exibition, „If? If?“, (Galerie Daniel Buchholzm) featured the much-respected American art school collective The Red Krayola kicking out a stunning live show. Also most of the releases of the Hamburg based avantgarde-pop-project Phantom/Ghost are illustrated by works of von Bonin, as was the debut record of jazz-electronica-band Moritz von Oswald Trio. There is so much to see and experience in the world of Cosima von Bonin. Scratch the surface if you like, but then go beyond the initial sweet pop appeal and you find the journey starts for real. There is a need to dig mole-like through her vast framework of references. Probably her most popular work to date contains the gigantic stoff mushrooms seen in „Meisterwerke zeitgenössischer Kunst“, featured on German tv arts programme Kulturzeit, which focuses on the most important art pieces of our time. These mushrooms could be seen as synonym for the art and artists of our time, the process of questioning places, conditions and effects. But then how do you also ‘read’ her gigantic stoff dogs from the last exibition at Kölnischer Kunstverein? Her work poses questions, but escapes easy answers. The German musician Dirk Von Lowtzow (Tocotronic and Phantom/Ghost) wrote in issue 81 ot the Swiss art magazine Parkett that: „She is not molesting.“ He meant that von Bonin is giving us the freedom to make our own way into her work and its world. There is no expectation here of dull, cold, definitive understandings. There is no right and wrong in looking at her work. Von Bonin is perhaps here to give us the biggest promise of life: freedom. Edition Fieber is delighted that Cosima von Bonin found time to work on our first edition – especially as she is really busy right now with the preparation of seven exibitions." - Edition Fieber

This edition contains two vinyl 7″ singles with music by Doctorella and Justus Köhncke as well as two exclusive prints designed, handnumbered and signed by Cosima von Bonin. Limited Edition of 300 only.

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