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Works 2002-2010

Atsushi Wada

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Type: DVD

Genre: Animation

Year: 2002-2010

Length: 80 min

Format: 4:3/ 16:9

TV System: NTSC

Code: codefree

Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Extras: A smart experiment/ Making of Atsushi Wada/ Slideshow 

Fsk: -

Label: CALF

Atsushi Wada's film attracts viewers with his fine drawing lines, whispering sounds, and the unique rhythm and movement. His strange and absurd world is full of humor and sadness that will tickle your mind.

Be vague2002 3'30"

This mayonnaise is too liquid2002 2'20"

A whistle2002 5'40"

Yellow2003 9'40"

Dancer of vermicular2004 6'20"

The thing of rotation of child2004 2'50"

A clerk in charge2004 6'15"

Day of nose2005 9'30"

Gentle whistle, bird, and stone2005 3'30"

Well, that’s glasses2007 5'40"

In a pig’s eye2010 10'10"

The mechanism of spring2010 4'20"

Special Features:

A smart experiment 2006 3'15"

Making of Atsushi Wada 2010 7'00"

Slideshow Animals





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