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Works 2001-2010


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Type: DVD

Genre: Animation

Year: 2001-2010

Length: 41 min

Format: 4:3/ 16:9

TV System: NTSC

Code: codefree

Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Extras: Behind the Scenes/ Old Film/ Bonus/ Slideshow

Fsk: -

Label: CALF

Tochka conceived the lightning doodle project called "PiKA PiKA”. They don't consider their films as an artistic expression but as a project that is open to everyone. By watching their "PiKA PiKA" you can feel the joy of the participants. This project undoubtedly opens new possibilities in animation and now their influence can be seen everywhere in the world. Enjoy the spectacle of lights!

Lightning Doodle Project "PiKA PiKA"/2006/4:00

PiKA PiKA 2007/2007/5:00

PiKA PiKA Workshop @ O.E.C.U/2007/1:06


PiKA PiKA Workshop @ MEDIA SEVEN/2008/1:20

PiKA PiKA in INDONESIA/2008/2:20

PiKA PiKA in YAMAGATA/2008/2:33

PiKA PiKA Workshop @ ANIMA MUNDI/2008/1:10

PiKA PiKA Lovely Memories/2009/2:20

Human Crossing Tokyo/2009/1:20

Special Features

Build (2001), Behind the Scenes: PiKA PiKA Workshop @ SUITO OSAKA 2009, Beind the Scenes: Document of PiKA PiKA in NANIWA, Slideshow



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