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Andy Warhol: 4 Silent Movies - Kiss, Blow Job, Empire, Mario Ban

Andy Warhol

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Type: DVD

Genre: Artist Film

Year: 1963-1964

Length: 127 min.

Format: 4:3

TV System: Pal

Code: codefree

Language: -

Subtitles: -

Extras: Booklet (English/Italian)

Label: Raro Video

FSK: 18

4 Silent Movies - Kiss When I recently saw Kiss, which has the statute of "primitive scene", although it is not Warhol's first film, I noted particular qualities of the screening: the way in which light is given upon each couple and the thin reflection of lights over faces and bodies; the ambiguous relationship between the edges of the shot - it being something between a window and a frame - and the minimal movements of the people being filmed; the enchanting rhythm of serial repetition. Among the viewers, there were those who watched quietly, those who chatted, those who laughed and those who left. The differentiated reactions of the audience seemed to build up other films in parallel or in counterpoint which were obviously not films and the real film was just a pretext, let us say a reactive test, a trial; therefore the "real" film ended up being each and everything that took life in the body and in the mind of viewers, alone or in company, hypnotized (ready to see Sleep) or fascinated in their live repetition of the kisses on the screen.. - Blow Job 1963-64, 26', black and white - Empire The Empire State Building filmed for 8 consecutive hours from dusk till dawn of the following day. This is the subject of one of Andy Warhol's most famous films. Is it a provocation? Is it maybe a radical experiment in order to test the viewer? Is it a thought on the act itself of watching? Or is it the effort to cancel all differences between reality and representation, the time of existence and the time of cinema? Empire is not a film, it is a perceptive experience, fascinating and suggestive. However, even in the observation of the silent life of the tallest skyscraper in Manhattan, the viewer might feel astonishment and suspense. The copy we present is the one hour reduced version, authorized by the Library of the M.O.M.A. of New York which is the only copy in circulation at present. - Mario Banana (1 e 2) Blow Job is made up exclusively by a fixed close up on a boy while someone off screen is performing fellatio on him. The face is lit by a strong light coming from above and the background is made by a brick wall. At the end of the film the young man relaxes smoking a cigarette. Mario Banana is also based on one single fix shot: the protagonist Mario Montez, one of the stars of Warhol's Factory, showily dressed and made up and eating a banana. Both black and white and colour are used. - Cofanetto Vinyl / Velvet Underground & Nico - Vinyl Taken from Anthony Burgess' novel, A Clockwork Orange, the film shows seven enigmatic characters who stand hypnotized by the careful eye of the camera and tell the anguish of violence and injustice through a predefined path similar to a fall towards hell, in which one fails to distinguish the victim from the torturer. The result is that the spectator is subject to a real sensation of rage, pain, sexual desire and frustration - Velvet Underground & Nico The Velvet Underground & Nico documents a concert of the famous band with the typical style of Warhol: long sequences, 'dirty' images, etc. It was Warhol who had the idea to create the band in 1966 which was formed by Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale and Maureen Tucker. Warhol himself strengthened the band by calling German actress and singer Christa Paffgen, aka Nico, who also starred in other films of Warhol's among which, the Chelsea Girls. The Velvet Underground & Nico is also the title of the band's first album which, apart from becoming one of the symbols of the Factory, also took part in the experience of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable Show, a show made of lights, performances and multiple projections in which the Velvet Underground had the function of creating a live sound track.


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